Friday, 7 August 2009

Gollancz SF Classics

I made a great find in my local remaindered bookshop today. They had a bunch of Gollancz science fiction reissues for just £1 each.

Back in 2007 Gollancz reprinted eight novels under a "Future Classics" banner. The novels were notable for not having the author's name or title on the front cover. They also had unusual features such as "fur" on Stephen Baxter's Evolution. I already have six of them so today I added a shiny Revelation Space by Alistair Reynolds to the collection. I've actually already read this one but for £1 I had to get this edition.

You can see all eight "Future Classics" covers at

Next to that copy of Revelation Space were five books from the earlier 2006 collection of SF masterworks. I picked up The Sirens of Titan, Cities in Flight, Ubik, Lords of Light and Flowers for Algernon. I only had one of the ten books from that series so I was happy to add these to the collection.

These books have non-shiny covers, rounded corners and introductions from contemporary authors such as Stephen Baxter on Cities in Flight. I had regretted not getting this edition of Philip K Dick's Ubik with the spray can so it was a great find!

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