Monday, 9 January 2012

The Graveyard Team by Gerald Seymour

I've just found this blurb for a new Gerald Seymour novel on Amazon UK:

They used to meet for a smoke behind the MI5 building. They were disbanded after the death of the youngest member of their team at the hands of a Russian gangster. Now, suddenly, the Graveyard Team is being called back together.

Word is that the ganster is staying at a villa in Spain - the Costa del Sol being a multi-billion dollar hub in the worldwide drug trade.

Winnie Monks has never forgotten - or forgiven - the murder of her agent. Now she asks permission to put a photo surveillance unit in the empty house next door to the villa, not mentioning that she is also sending one of the Graveyard Team - Sparky the sniper.

In another part of London, likeable young man Jonno is starting a relationship with a girl called Polly. They are offered the chance to spend a week in a little house belonging to family friends on the Costa del Sol. A house that MI5 thinks is empty . . .

The Graveyard Team is vintage Seymour: action, suspense, brilliant characterisation and fascinating insight into a full-scale war - the war against organised crime, which is happening all around us. every day.

The Graveyard Team is due for publication in July.

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